What is Fitting?

Post Mastectomy Care

Post Mastectomy services are healthcare items and professional services required after a mastectomy (surgical removal of all or part of a breast) due to breast cancer or trauma, prophylactic mastectomy or services needed due to genetically induced developmental conditions of the breast.

Post-mastectomy services include evaluation, education, and professional fitting of external breast prostheses, pocket garments, lymphedema and post-surgical compression garments.  This vital type of specialized care is always considered healthcare items because they are used to treat conditions that have resulted from diseases and treatment of diseases of the breast.

These items and services should always be provided by Certified and Licensed healthcare professionals, Certified Fitters of Mastectomy, trained in post-mastectomy care.

A Post Mastectomy Fitter

A post-mastectomy fitter or Certified Fitter is an individual trained, licensed and certified to evaluate and fit specific post-surgical prostheses and supportive garments as well as provide basic lymphedema support. Certified by the American Board for Certification or the Board for Orthotic Certification, post mastectomy fitters may be found in a variety of medical and retail locations including physician’s offices, independent post mastectomy or lingerie boutiques, accredited orthotics and prosthetic offices, accredited department stores, cancer clinic boutiques and hospital boutiques.

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